Interesting This Month

Earth at Perihelion

Annual Earth’s closest point to the Sun at a distance of 0.98 AU. This marks the moment when the Sun appears a bit larger (but barely noticeable) in the sky than at any other time of the year.

Quadrantids Meteor Shower

Quadrantids are active every year in January which usually peaking around early January. During its peak, up to 110 meteors per hour are visible depending on sky conditions and weather. The origin of Quadrantids meteor shower is from Asteroid 2003 EH. Moon will be at 84.41% full thus provide low prospect to observe.

Mercury at Highest Point

Port Dickson – Mercury will reach its highest point in the sky with peak altitude less than 20°during Jan-Feb 2021 evening apparition. Watch the tiny dot of Mercury during sunset above west side horizon.

Mercury at Dichotomy

Mercury will reach its half phase in its 2021 evening apparition. It will shine brightly at mag around -0.5.