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On 26th December 2019, Partial Solar Eclipse was visible to all part of Malaysia. Telok Kemang Observatory held an event to watch this magnificent phenomena. More than 100 people came to watch it! Unfortunately, due to weather condition, we only can observed the early phases of the eclipse. At the same time, our team at Batam, Indonesia was able to observed and captured Annular Solar Eclipse.

Activities : Partial Solar Eclipse Observation, Public Talk , Eclipse Prayer, Ant Exhibition by Ostrich Farm Port Dickson and etc.

World space week & international Observe the Moon Night

On 5 October 2019, an astronomy workshop with the theme “Road To Solar Eclipse” was held at Telok Kemang Observatory in conjunction with World Space Week 2019. At night, in conjunction with International Observe the Moon Night, TKO once again held an event to celebrate InOMN with the theme “To The Moon And Back”

Activities : Astronomy Workshop, Moon Observation, public talk,  etc


Telok Kemang Obsevatory had conducted an event for Partial Lunar Eclipse as it can be seen from Port Dickson.Together join us in observing the moment when our Earth’s shadow partially covered the Moon surface.

Activities : Partial Lunar Eclipse Observation, public talk, etc

mutaj's night 2019
(global astronomy month)

MUTAJ’s Night was held at Telok Kemang Observatory in conjunction with Global Astronomy Month organised by community of Astronomers Without Borders (AWB). MOTAJ is a nickname origin from a well known Malaysian islamic astronomer, Sheikh Mohammad Tahir Jalaluddin.

Activities : Astronomy workshop, public talk, etc

earth hour 2019

Earth Hour is an international annual event organised by World Wildlife Fund (WWF). This event is to create awareness on global warming and light pollution that harms our Earth. Many individual and organisation participates in this global event as a support to the campaign by WWF.

Activities : Stargazing, public talk etc

supermoon 2019

Biggest Supermoon for 2019 is on 19 February 2019. Watch and share the moment of observation at Telok Kemang Observatory. Open talk and Supermoon observation was held for public visitor.

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