Port Dickson, Malaysia



Theater Room

Astronomical theatre room located in the area of Telok Kemang Observatory’s gallery,generally it is a room for briefing and screening astronomical videos for visitors before starting the observation activities. This room could accommodate till 45 person at a time.




This area had been decorated with astronomical exhibition item or exhibit astronomical photos. On the gallery’s wall shows the stories of astronomy history in Malaysia.


   Official Observation Site

This observation site is a closed area special for falak officer and researcher to do research and moon sighting every month.


Solar Observatory

This facilities will enable Telok Kemang Observatory to conduct  an activity during the day as well as night observation. This observatory have special telescope for  viewing and recording the image of Sun such as sunspot and solar flare.



Observation Deck

Located at the fifth floor in the premise and been equipped with two binoculars to see the view of Malacca Straits,with two computers and also lots of  astonomy/falak books for visitors reading.

Main Observatory

This dome houses the largest telescope in Malaysia. Size of its lens diameter is 24” imported from United States of America. System that been used is the modern ones which able to observe various celestial objects. The main dome area is 6.7 meter and can accommodate visitors of 25 people at a time. The type of tracking system for this telescope is York and it designed specially for hilal observation which able to moved up to 0 degree level of horizon.