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Orion Nebula

M42 or known as Orion Nebula spans about 24 light-years across located in the Milkyway some 1,350 light-years away from the Earth in the constellation of Orion and can be seen by naked eye at the south of Orion’s belt.The nebula is an enormous cloud of dust and gas where vast numbers of new stars…
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Sirius Star

Sirius also called Alpha Canis Majoris or the Dog star known as the brightest star in the night sky.In 1862,scientist had discovered a companion star,Sirius B.The star that we can see by our naked eyes in the night sky is called Sirius A or just Sirius.Sirius B is 10000 times dimmer than Sirius.It is so…
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Mars sometimes called the Red Planet, is the fourth planet from the Sun with a distance of around 227,940,000 km. Compared to the Earth, Mars a bit smaller with a diameter of about 6779 km, half size of the Earth, two times the size of our Moon. Although Mars smaller than Earth, it has the…
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Sunspots are darker, cooler parts on the Sun’s surface in the region of the photosphere. It is a temporary phenomenon where it can last anywhere from a few days to a few months. Although sunspot is the cooler part of the Sun’s surface, it’s temperature ranging from 2000°C to 4000°C. However, it considers cool in…
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