Astronomy Workshop

Past Exclusive Talk

Aurora Borealis Expedition

Telok Kemang Observatory had an expedition to Tromso, Norway in 2015 to observe the miraculous of Aurora Borealis. The talk share the experience of watching the dancing light of aurora at the Norway’s sky.

Aurora Australis Expedition

Another aurora expedition but this time was at South Island, New Zealand in 2018. Magnificent southern light recorded just above the horizon along with the fascinating Milky Way.

Great American Eclipse 2017

Total Solar Eclipse was visible from Oregon to South Carolina, USA. Our team had chosen Columbia city as their observation place. Videos and photos of their journey be share through this session.

Total Solar Eclipse 2016

Total Solar Eclipse was visible from Indonesia. Our team go to Luwuk, Indonesia to observe and record this phenomena. Watch the moment of “darkness'” as the Moon passes infront of the Sun during the eclipse.


Basic method and technique of astrophotography such as equipment handling, editing software and image processing.

Telescope Handling

Introduction to types of telescope and how to handle them. Learn basic steps how to setup a mobile telescope for sky observation. 

Astronomical Software

Modern methodology of sky observation. Computer software and smartphones application that related to astronomy.

How to Start an Astronomy Activity

Learn about astronomical calendar, weather monitoring and input for astronomy activity that can be held at school, university or even at your own home.

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