Partial Solar Eclipse 2019

Partial Solar Eclipse 2019

In December 26 , Annular Solar Eclipse will visible in some parts of Malaysia namely Tanjung Piai,Johor,some cities in Sarawak such as Bau,Kota Samarahan,Serian,Sri Aman and Betong. While others part of Malaysia such as Perak,Terengganu,Melaka including Negeri Sembilan will be able to experience another charms of eclipse which is Partial Solar Eclipse. As for Telok Kemang Observatory will open to public to join us witnesses the Partial Solar Eclipse here in Port Dickson.

Definition of Partial Solar Eclipse          

It is a solar eclipse in which the Moon partially cover the Sun’s disk. When it happen  the Sun, the Moon and the Earth were not align in perfectly straight line. Since major part of Malaysia witness partial solar eclipse,hence the features that visible during annular solar eclipses such as the ring of fire are invisible for people living outside of the totality path.

Occurrence of Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipse happen 2-5 times a year, during new moon phase. However,solar eclipses do  not occurs in every new moon because of the inclination of Moon’s orbit  to the Earth’s orbit at  5°. Solar eclipse will occur when both orbit meet at a point called lunar nodes. For both total and annular solar eclipses can also be seen as partial solar eclipse for anyone who live within the moon’s penumbra shadow.

Position of the Sun,the Earth and the Moon during new moon. (Photo taken from

Position of the Sun,the Moon and the Earth during Solar Eclipse. (Photo taken from

Safety Precaution!

Avoid look directly at the Sun without protection. It may cause damage to your eyes. The safest way to look at the Sun especially  during eclipse is by using protective eclipse glasses or using telescopes equipped with solar filter.

Written by : Ummu Soleha 
Eksekutif Pelatih Dakwah MAINS, 2019


Time sequence of Partial Solar Eclipse visible from Port Dickson.

Time Event
11:20 am

 Partial Eclipse begins
-The Moon touches the edges of the Sun

13:15 pm

Maximum Eclipse
-Moon cover 92% of Sun’s Disk

15:12 pm Partial Eclipse end
-The Moon leaves the edge of the Sun.


Simulation retrieved from


*The red line shows the edge of the Moon’s shadow: all places inside the red circle will see the Moon covering some part of the Sun’s disk.
*The yellow contours within this show where the Moon appears to cover 20%, 40%, 60% and 80% of the Sun.