Partial Lunar Eclipse 2019

Partial Lunar Eclipse 2019


What is Partial Lunar Eclipse?

It is an astronomical phenomena that happen when the position of the Sun, the Earth and the Moon are not on a straight line so it is not the whole body of Moon covered by the earth shadow, it is only partially covered.

How does it happen?

When the Earth moves between the Sun and Moon and the three of them do not form a straight line,a small part of the Moon covered by the darkest,central  part of the Earth’ shadow called umbra.The other side of the Moon is covered by the penumbra,the outer side of Earth shadow.Eclipse started when the Moon pass through the Earth’ shadow in sequence.Initially, it will enter the penumbra which is not really noticeable and then it enter the umbra where we can see the dark shadow of the Earth cover  the Moon surface.At the final stage,the Moon will enter the penumbra back and move out of the Earth’s shadow.

The position of Partial Lunar Eclipse. (Photo taken from

For this to occur the Moon must be in Full Moon phase and the Sun ,earth and Moon must be not precisely aligned. However partial lunar eclipse do not occur every month,every Full Moon.This is because of the inclination of the Moon’s orbital plane to the Earth’s oribital plane inclined at 5°. 

How and where to see?

It do not require any special equipment to see it,just your eyes and a clear skies. What you need is the exact time and date when it can be seen from your place.It can be seen anywhere across the night side of the Earth. For those in Port Dickson or likely to come to Telok Kemang Observatory can enjoy these moment together here on 17 July 2019 at 2:00am till 7:00am-local time.


Written by : Ummu Soleha Bt Jamaludin
Eksekutif Pelatih Dakwah MAINS, 2019

Eclipse Map and Animation



**Moon is below the horizon in Seremban some of the time, so that part of the eclipse is not visible.

Event UTC Time Time in Seremban* Visible in Seremban
Penumbral Eclipse begins 16 Jul, 18:43:51 17 Jul, 02:43:51 Yes
Partial Eclipse begins 16 Jul, 20:01:43 17 Jul, 04:01:43 Yes
Maximum Eclipse 16 Jul, 21:30:44 17 Jul, 05:30:44 Yes
Partial Eclipse ends 16 Jul, 22:59:39 17 Jul, 06:59:39 Yes
Penumbral Eclipse ends 17 Jul, 00:17:38 17 Jul, 08:17:38 No, below the horizon


Illustration of Partial Lunar Eclipse